Connect All of Your Devices to One Network

Connect All of Your Devices to One Network

Call us for network support in Palm Bay, West Melbourne, Melbourne or Sebastian, FL

Do you need to connect a new accessory or computer to your home network? Do you want to install a quick and reliable Wi-Fi network that reaches every corner of your home? When you need network support, call Tech and Video Works.

We provide network installation and upgrade services in the Palm Bay, West Melbourne, Melbourne and Sebastian, FL areas. From computers and laptops to scanners and printers, we'll make sure all of your devices are connected and working properly. You'll have the freedom to use your devices as you please without hassle.

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Ready to improve your network?

Not all computer networks are the same. If your network feels slow and unreliable, Tech and Video Works can help. We'll take care of every aspect of a new network installation, including both the hardware and the software. You can take advantage of...

  • Improved safety and privacy with additional security features
  • Increased download speeds with a faster, more optimized network
  • Extra reliability with new equipment that's less likely to experience an outage

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